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This Office primarily records documents related to property, but also issues local liquor licenses and marriage licenses. These laws provide for limited and temporary assistance to county residents for the payment of some non-medical and medical expenses.

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All counties in Idaho, including Shoshone County, will require repayment of any taxpayer funds used to assist a county resident under these laws. Information Booth. November 5, Election Results — click here. Idaho Votes also provides official voting information for the citizens of Idaho.

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Click here — Idaho Votes. Idaho Election Security Video — Click here. County Application Download.

If you meet all of the above requirements, send in the documents listed below to the address listed on the form. If you do not meet all of the requirements for using form DS, then you will have to use form DS and apply in person with all the documentation listed above for first time applicants. However, you will use your old passport instead of your birth certificate for proof of citizenship. Passport books and cards are good for 10 years for applicants 16 years of age and older.

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They are good for 5 years for applicants under 16 years of age. You should receive your passport 4 to 6 weeks from the date you apply. You can get your passport 2 to 3 weeks from the date you apply if you pay an additional fee for expedited service. If you are leaving within the next two weeks you can make an appointment with the passport agency in Seattle and pick up your passport there.

Your proof of citizenship, birth certificate, naturalization papers, or old passport , will be returned to you in a separate envelope from your new passport. Shoshone County Clerk. Tamie J. Buy Essay Paper. Courts Phone: Fax: They include documents produced by law enforcement agencies and Idaho Courts about suspected and convicted criminals.

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This includes Idaho arrest records, criminal records, jail and inmate records, and sex offender registries. County Court records, police records, and driving records can also show whether an individual has a criminal history. These Public Records contain important information to protect the public from harm. They are also useful for performing an ID background check.

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The government also uses Public Records for a range of purposes. Idaho Court records help judges determine sentences for repeat offenders and voter records to call citizens for jury duty. The Police Department and Sheriff's Department rely on Idaho police records, court records, and warrant searches to gain information on suspected criminals. Public Records also contain valuable information about properties, businesses, and contractors in ID.

Property tax reports, tax liens, and foreclosure information can help potential buyers or property developers decide whether to purchase a particular property or parcel.

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Public Records also contain information on business licenses and professional licenses. These documents can help people make sure that they hire licensed contractors or professionals. Land records and property records can be important for county property tax assessments. Idaho public records can also be useful for all kinds of research, including genealogy.

Records on births, deaths, and property transactions can all help trace a family's history, and Idaho GIS maps are a valuable tool for understanding how an area has changed over time. Genealogical research relies on Public Records at the local city, county, Idaho state, and federal levels. Idaho Public Records Public Records Idaho Perform a free Idaho public record search, including arrest, birth, business, contractor, court, criminal, death, divorce, employee, genealogy, GIS, inmate, jail, land, marriage, police, property, sex offender, tax, vital, and warrant records searches.