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Sampson 15 Mar M Jas. Conly 19 Mar M Stephen S. Nancy A. Marion 31 Mar M Troy C. Aug F G.

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Delp Jr. Ugene 9 Jan M Wm. Oct M Samuel M. Fulton 44 Funk Alx. Andrew 1 Mar M Wm. Andrew 26 Nov M Wm. Conly 21 Jun M L. Burton 19 Ganaway Frances E. Gleaves atty. Jun M Ben.

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Rufus 19 Jul M James Jno. Preston 12 Oct M A.

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Hale; Jane D. Hale 45 Hall Andrew C. Preston 12 Dec M Geo. Jefferson 7 Jun M Geo. Beckner 28 Jul M B. Ford 2 Feb F Wm.

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Preston 30 Dec M Geo. Death Certificates from to Missouri Death Certificates, - Obituary Data from to Texas Obituary Records, - Obituary Data from to Utah, Obituary Records, Obituary Index from to Washington, Obituary, Obituary Index from to Indiana, Obituary, Death Index from to North Carolina, Deaths, Obituary Data from to Ohio Obituary Records, - Death Index from to Deaths Reported in Manhattan, Death Index from to Tennessee Deaths, - Veterans Index from to U. Veterans Death Sites, - Obituary Index from to Oregon Obituaries, Death Data from to Iowa Death Index, Obituary Index from to U.

Death Data from to St. Death Data from to U. Cemetery Index from to U. Obituary Index from to Kentucky Obituaries, Obituary Index from to St. Thank you for any assistance you can provide regarding my biological grandmother's background. Sincerely, Georgia Douglass Dickinson. All Other Information: Family rumor is that he was born in Susquehanna, PA with a birth surname not sure if birth mother or birth father of Harrington.

Adoptive siblings are Prudence b. Adoptive parents are James Elliott b. This information is from the census. James William Elliott married Mary R. Steveson no date found and his son James Elliott was born in Age of Adoptee when Adopted: 1 year old? Email Address: donnaslaten yahoo. He was adopted and no one knows anything about the family who adopted him or his birth family.

I am working on Don's genealogy and need this information. Adoptee Birth Date: ? Specifically, my father's, father's, father's, father. In one instance he said he was born in Burnside, PA. In , he said his father was born in MO and mother in PA - not sure if this is for his birth parents. He was told he was left with a note reading, "please take care of our little Harry.

He believed the last name started with an "H" and the family had moved to Texas after leaving him, then back up north at some time later. They had older children living with them. We aren't sure if this was the correct family. We don't know the date of his adoption, but do know he thought he was in an orphanage in Northern Missouri, or Southern Iowa. Harry married Laura Sumner and they had 8 children. Harry worked as a policeman for many years.

One of his nicknames was 'shorty.

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Update Harry's date of birth, according to his WWI draft card registration was , which is different from other records stating Deceased Email Address: dianeegriffith yahoo. Her father was killed in a rail road accident and her mother could not afford to keep them. The county took them and put the children up for adoption. To save the family shame the adoption records were under the name Brown. However they were Morrissey children. Andrew Morrissey Jr, who moved to West Virginia.

Adoptee Birth State: Pennsylvania or Delaware? Her mother, Elizabeth Walls married Wm.

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Potter Potter adopted Bessie. Believe natural father's last name was Millman.

Potter and James P. Adoptee Birth City: Oakmont,? PA County adoption took place: Allegheny County?

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Pauline died of cancer and so did her granddaughter my mother. Update Pauline Margaret Lonabaugh was very petite, ring size 5, probably 5'1" tall, judging from dresses handed down from my grandmother. She had blue eyes and brown hair.

Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Given up at birth. The features of her 8 daughters are grey or green eyes and brown hair.

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Although all of them were taller than she. She was most probably of Slovak descent. Her adoptive parents were from Bohemia. I did DNA testing with Ancestry. Adoptee Birth Date: 1-? Detweiler Deceased Email Address: heatherdominguez87 gmail. All Other Information: Mamie was my grandmother's grandmother. We are searching for her adoption records to know more about where our family comes from. We don't know where she was buried, but we do know that she is deceased. I have one photo of her. She married Preston Cleveland Renner and was the mother of my great-grandmother, Ellen.

Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Under 2 years old? They had an adopted daughter Annie Brooks and an adopted son Russel Brooks he was born I can't find any information on Russel. Also, on Gedmatch, I match no Harman's on there either. They all lived in Tivoli, PA for a while, I think. I just found that out and am going over there to look for churches that might have some information.

Later the Harman's moved to Muncy on Glade Run where they kept a farm for many years.