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Use a VPN to help stay private and secure. Location Your IP address can reveal your location. Finland, Earth Approximate.

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Web Can Be Misleading

Detected Addons Your browser reports that it has these extra addons. Using Tor? No It doesn't look like your traffic is coming from a TOR exit node. What Browser? Help with problems on the internet. This feature helps your IT Support team know what kind of web browser you're using.

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Internet Makes Hypochondria Worse

Flash could not be detected because JavaScript is disabled How to install Flash. Are high ceilings essential …are you very tall? Or is it all about the location, location, location?

Are you only bothered about the price? Will you be put off by a strangely shaped living room or having a bathroom with massive windows?

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It turns out that alongside the expected stuff, like number of bedrooms, toilets, and garden size, British people prioritise some interesting things when looking for a property. A poll of 2, homeowners and renters found that a spacious living room is more important than having a modern kitchen, for example, and local shops are a bigger priority than having loads of storage space.

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  7. Brits on the lookout for a new home also keep an eye out for the nearest pub, the quality of the insulation, and just how much decorating will need doing.