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If you're receiving threatening or obscene calls, you can trace who's sending them.

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At the conclusion of a trace, you'll hear a recorded message telling you whether or not the trace was successful. In most instances, the last incoming call you received -- whether or not it was answered and even if it's forwarded via a service -- is traceable.

There's no minimum time the caller needs to be on the line. In fact, if the caller hangs up before you can pick up the phone, you probably can still trace the call. A connection simply needs to be made, and that usually happens once the phone rings at least 2 times. Unknown, unavailable or out-of-area calls are not traceable because they don't contain the data needed for a successful trace.

On the other hand -- and maybe surprisingly -- private, blocked or restricted calls can usually be traced just fine. A successful trace captures the calling party's phone number and -- if the phone number is serviced by CenturyLink -- the name and address as well. The phone number, name and address if available are turned over to the CenturyLink Call Identification Center.

T-Mobile Name ID | Identify Calls & Texts from Unknown Phone Numbers

For legal and privacy reasons, we aren't able to share this data with you. We can only release this information if we receive a subpoena, court order or -- in some cases -- a call from a law enforcement agency. Under normal circumstances, 3 successful traces of calls -- originating from the same number -- are required before CenturyLink or local law enforcement can take action. Once you've traced a number 3 times, you can request action be taken against the calling party.

You can also contact your local law enforcement agency. Tell them that you've been receiving harassing calls and that you've traced those calls.

The frightening future of robocalls: Numbers and voices you know

Be sure to get the name of the officer who records your complaint. Make a note of the date and time you called, the agency's complete name, phone number and fax number. If an officer opens a case for you, write down the case number. If your law enforcement agency has questions, have them contact the CenturyLink Law Enforcement Support Team at Use Call Trace to identify harassing calls. The next time you receive a harassing call:. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos CVS just delivered its first prescriptions via drone.

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Find Out Who Is Calling Without Answering The Phone

Jackson's voice coming to Amazon Alexa. The Apple Watch now has always-on display. This played out one recent Wednesday evening when my iPhone's caller ID flashed my own phone number, along with a picture of my face.

How to find unknown number details - Unknown Number

It was a robocall using spoofing technology to pretend it was calling from my own number. It was an automated pre-recorded message from "Microsoft" claiming my computer license was expiring. Knowing the drill, I wasn't surprised to hear I had 24 hours to respond before going to jail. What you can do right now to stop robocalls. Yet some experts warn this is just a mild taste of bigger dangers to come: a world where you receive robocalls calls from numbers you recognize and the person on the other end sounds like someone you know.

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  7. Calls that can (and cannot) be traced.
  8. Spoofing, a form of robo-calling, is increasingly common. It's when someone makes a call from a voice-over-IP service, such as Skype, and are able to enter a host number. While a carrier must provide a number when a call is made from a cell phone or landline, any number sequence can be entered via a VoIP service, whether it's a made up number, a number in your address book, or one from the White House.

    It's so easy, anyone could do it. Because a scammer knows you're more likely to pick up if you recognize the caller, they might enter a number they think is in your address book.